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Real Support. From Real People

At JMS, we strongly believe in a holistic approach to mental health. We understand that mental well-being is influenced by various factors, including our thoughts, emotions, and environment. That's why we take a comprehensive view of each individual's situation, considering their unique needs and circumstances. 


Individual Therapy

Perhaps life is feeling chaotic and your heart has been shredded from a life of pain and fear. Perhaps you’ve made choices that create shame so deep you feel you’ll never get out. Or, you simply need someone to help talk through the next step on your journey with your career, family, or relationship.


Our individual counseling services will help you to begin this journey of understanding. Learn how to identify the root of issues, set goals, learn and integrate interventions so that you may begin living your life the way you want to. 

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Couples Therapy

When you choose our couples counseling services, you will work with your partner to recognize and resolve conflicts, as well as improve all aspects of your relationship. Couples may seek counseling for various reasons, including poor communication, unresolved conflicts, infidelity, trust issues, and changes in life circumstances. Other reasons may include differences in values, parenting styles, or sexual issues.

Through work with your couples counselor, you and your partner will be able to make thoughtful decisions as you determine the direction and journey that is best for you both. 


Family Therapy

Families come in many forms and sizes. Sometimes family is blood, sometimes family is by choice, and each family has its own structures and patterns. In family counseling, the family unit, whatever form that might take, will work with a counselor to set mutual goals and determine the direction to go that will best help to create a family environment for healing and hope.

Our program provides a safe place for a broad scope of challenges and concerns that you may face. You may be dealing with family stresses as a result of a job loss or even divorce. Perhaps your blended family has been a more difficult task than you could have anticipated, or someone close to the family is struggling with addiction, depression, or anxiety. No matter what the cause of the stress may be, our counselors are dedicated to helping you.

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School-Based Therapy

The Student Assistance Programs or "SAP" provides a prominent and effective means to address substance use and mental health concerns through prevention and intervention supports. JMS brings mental health promotion, prevention, treatment, and continuing care practices to K–12 school settings to students, faculty and family members.


If you are a school representative and are interested in adding our diverse team of providers to your district's mental health support network for your students, families, and faculty, please contact us.


Evaluations & Assessments

JMS offers evaluations for ESA/service animals, medical marijuana, disability, worker's compensation, and special accommodation requests.


*Please note: Not all evaluations are covered by insurance

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