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We currently have immediate openings for in office and/or virtual appointments

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Because life shouldn't be simply endured

Our goal is to create a comfortable place for you to settle in and tell your story. Everybody has one, and we want to hear yours.  

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We believe that life should be embraced

Life has so much to offer every person, but that perspective can become clouded by feelings of inadequacy, depression, anxiety, or struggles to overcome addiction and trauma. Our goal is to help you find your way through the challenges so you can start thriving and not just surviving.

Our Services


Individual Therapy

Prioritizing yourself to help you manage your personal challenges and achieve your goals.

Couples Therapy

Focused on helping you and your partner build a stronger, healthier and more trusting connection. 

Family Therapy

Working together to help you and your family improve the foundations of your relationships.

School-Based Therapy

Providing a convenient and private support option during school hours, at the school location.

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